Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life Update

Since I have been gone from blogger for so long, I think its only right that I give you all some indepth detail as to what I have been up to since I decided to walk away. So lets see where do I start?

Me and my girl…well we are doing just fine. Like any relationship we have our moments when we can’t stand each other, but our love for each other won’t let something small get between us. However, there was this one incident when she was gonna break up with me because she told me I don’t know how to handle my emotions (I keep stuff bottled up and then I just kinda go off) and that I need to find a way to express myself when something happens. I’m still working on that part, that’s just how I do me, I really don’t know any other way.

I originally took a break from blogging, for 2 reasons. The first one was to read my Bible more. Truth be told, I started out well but then that slowly faded away. For a good 2 weeks I would take my Bible to work and go to my car and read it on my lunch break….then somehow the Bible made it out of my car and it just went downhill from there. I also wanted to get more involved in the community and I did a few things here and there, but not as much as I wanted to. To sum it all up, I basically failed at my two attempts to better myself. But that still does not mean I can’t attempt to get back on track.

Hey everybody...look how big my niece is getting

Anyway my girl celebrated her 26 birthday and here are some pics to show you how it went down…….

This is how I had the table set up……

She thought we were going to some fancy restaurant but I surprised her by cooking this very lavish meal…Salmon, Crab and Shrimp

For dessert we had White Chocolate Strawberries….

And then we made sexy time lol….

And I just thought this was good picture of us

Can you believe it’s already summer….Me and my shorty plan on going to Cali the first week in August. We already got our tickets and everything. And guess how much we paid total for the tickets?.....$254 apiece. That is a steal. My mother doesn’t know I’m coming yet tho. I can’t wait to see the look on my mother’s face when she sees me. She is probably going to be mad I didn’t tell her I was coming.

The Job
I am 24 years old, fresh out of college with my first “real job”, and things seem to be moving at a very rapid pace. I am one of those people that learn something new in a heartbeat, and with me being an auditor there was so much that I was introduced to do. Month after month my supervisor seems to be gaining confidence in my abilities and I believe it’s starting to rub one of my fellow co-workers the wrong way. More on that later. The problem that I am fighting with is worry about other people’s opinion on the way I conduct myself. Some people are a bit shocked that when I talk, I can actually sound intelligently and even more amazed that earned my college degree. As a young black man, I feel as though I must work 10 times harder just to prove that I am perfectly capable to be in the position that I am currently in. I come to work early and stay late, and I let it be known that I command respect. In the eyes of some my approach seems to be working just fine, but to others I am just being arrogant. I also think the way I dress at work could make people feel a certain way, while most people are wearing jeans and T-Shirt, I’m always dressing like I want to be the President of the joint lol.

Now that I have given you a brief summary of my life since I have been away….I will return to blog normal by the start of next week. Stay tuned for Friday’s Post.


Miss Mika said...

Trust me when I say, I understand how you feel when you say you feel you have to work 10 times harder to prove yourself. As a black woman sometimes I feel it is just as hard because not only am I trying to prove myself to the white folks, but I also have to prove my abilities to the brothers too who feel that because I am a woman, that I am incapable or not as qualified as a man would be. But don't even trip off of those people D. Haters come a dime a dozen. Instead of hating, they should be taking notes...

Your niece has gotten big! WOWZERS!! She is such a pretty little girl.

Happy belated birthday to your shorty :) It looks like you did it up right.

Your fam is in Nor Cal, right? That was a heck of a steal @ the plane ticket prices. Gotta love advance ticket pricing.

12kyle said...

As a young brutha you HAVE to be twice as good. If you're tied with the next'll come up short. Keep the CEO mentality up at work. Be a sponge and learn as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

This relationship ish is no joke. One day I love this dude to death, the next day I want to say eff the whole thing!! LOL. So I totally relate to that part of your update.

I still say that you need to email me some recipes. Real talk. I need to get my cooking game up.

The corporate world is very, ummm, interesting! It wasn't for me at all, but I'm glad to see that you're doing so well. Show em how WU grads get down.

Can I say again how effin happy I am that you came back to the blog world?

xxxx said...

you two look beautiful together and im sure she appreciated you cooking for her. thats nice.