Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stereotypes...What They Really Think of Us

So I took a quick blogging break due to the fact that I was in Dallas for training for my job. But while I was on training for my job this very interesting scenario took place. Now throughout this whole entire class, I come to learn that Bob is a pretty obnoxious guy although cool at times. So while on break me and this other man named Bob (50 year old white man) step out on break. And directly across the hall is a very attractive white woman (keep in my mind that I don’t find white woman attractive at all, nor have I ever dated one). So I take a mental note of the lady’s beauty and proceeded to keep it moving. Bob who is right behind me says, “Look at that fine ass woman by the elevator”.

My reply: “yeah she does look good.”

Bob looks at me laughing and says, “damn why don’t you black guys stick to your own?”…

I stopped and looked at Bob and thought about what I was going to say without being ignorant. I told Bob, “ I only date black woman, and it’s not a good idea” for you to stereotype black men, based off an experience you had in the past.

I smiled and proceeded to my room because I didn’t think anything of it, but after a while I started to feel a bit disrespected. Even if he was joking, that is not a joke you make to a black male. Yes there are some black men that love white women, however, I am not one of them. I never and probably never will be. For those of you that read my blog know and understand that I whole heartedly love a black woman and in no way will I ever stray away. I do understand that Love has no color, but I’m only attracted to a sistas. But to generalize all black man as a whole is somewhat disrespect. Of course Bob could have been joking, but in his joking remarks he also revealed to me what a lot white people are thinking, but afraid to say.

All of this happened on a Thursday and then Friday, he made another dumb ass comment. All week I had been wearing jeans and a polo for this training. Nothing to special but I wanted to present myself in a respectable manner. So Friday the day of the test, (which was only two hours) I decided to put on jeans and a T-Shirt and my matching hat.

I walk into the room, I took my seat and here goes Bob again…., “Darrius that’s not the way you do it. You need pull your pants down pass your ass and turn you cap to the side. Isn’t that how they do it?”

With anger build inside of me, I looked at Bob, and said, “No that is not how I do it, and not every young black male dresses like that, maybe you should refrain from making those dumb ass comments."

People like Bob just goes to show what they really think of us… No matter what you do to stray away from stereotypes, we still are just niggers!


Anonymous said...

DUDE. I completely FEEL you here. I don’t even need to remind you how much I hate white people. LOL.

This past weekend boyfriend and I went to visit his grandmother in the hospital. Since its 4 hours east of us, we always stay with his uncle, who has a white wife, and she has two white sons, 16 and 13. The 16-year-old wants to be hard so bad it makes me laugh. Dude be sagging and talking about all the gangs at his school and is just a pitiful little white boy. He and all his friends just think “gangs” are the coolest shit ever.

Long story short, we take the little bastard with us out to dinner one night, and when we returned home his cell phone rang as soon as we walked in. So he’s chatting with his friends, and I tell him to put his food away in the fridge. The friend asks who I was, and he replied “my cousin.” Then the little fucker proceeds to ask him if we were in a gang, to which I replied “No you little bastard, all young black people aren’t in gangs, some of us are educated professionals.” His friend retorts with, “I can’t see her dude, didn’t know she was black.”

Dude, I, and little cuz fell out laughing. See I’m the opposite of you… I always think their asses is up to something, or trying to insinuate some bullshit.


Miss Mika said...

White people can be so freakin dumb!!He was bold for actually having the nerve to say stuff like that to you... but based on the true ignorance of those comments, I think he was more so looking for a rise out of you than he was actually looking for an answer. I think you handled yourself VERY well. Dude should be happy he didn't catch a beat down.

ms narcelo said...

I really hate when that happens. As much as it's a "joke," it still reeks of ignorance. It's disgusting...

I used to host at Legal Sea Foods and this old white lady came in and after I brought her to her table, she said, "you don't talk like the rest of them."

I replied, who the other hostesses? all the women in the world? humans? I'm confused.

Dropped her menu on the table and walked away.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I am glad you didn't feed into his ignorance and go off on him.
he would have only thought that is they way we are and not that he was wrong.

I don't date white men at all.

Mizrepresent said...

What a mess D! I have just about my fill of racists, undercover or not and i believe you handled it well, but it just goes to show all of us that this world is far from perfect. I commend you!

Jada said...

Dang D...that was beyond rude and uncalled for. WF's think they can say whatever comes to mind with no consequences. That's why I side eye these people out here who claim they've never experienced racism.

I'm glad you spoke up for yourself D. Maybe now he'll think twice about repeating that dumb ish to someone else. Someone who may not respond with just words.

12kyle said...

as i was reading this...i was thinking that you kicked his ass. he really did deserve it.

i feel your frustration. although we can't change what they think, we have to remember that old saying...

When you enter a room, you bring your race with you.For somebody like Bob, his only interactions with black folks is at work. Be you. Let him see what you are and how you represent. If he doesn't see that...he never will