Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts from the Mind of Darrius

Call me crazy but sometimes I wonder what God does in heaven besides performing miracles. Does God wake up and have pancakes and eggs? Seeing how it's playoff time in the NBA is God tuning in to see what Lebron is doing and marveling at his own work? Does God play Madden? For real I want play God in a game of Uno and see what happens. LOL

Also, does God eat meat?

Speaking of sports and the Playoffs, Lebron is on a mission and I hope him and Kobe face off in the Finals, but the Lakers play too soft for me, so I will roll with the Cavs this year. Hopefully they won't make me look bad.

Has anyone seen he Halle Berry Dance? I'm gonna make a song with a dance and see how far it would get me.

To be honest when I first heard Drake I was not impressed. But after a while he is stAring to grow on me. I would feel comfortable with him being the new face in Hip-Hop.

I can't speak for the rest of you, but I am excited about the new Eminem, I think its gonna be fire.

A fat person in skinny jeans is not a good look

That new Chrisette Michelle is crazy hot.

I think I like her first album has been her best so far but Epiphany is just as hot.

I love President Obama just as much as the next man. But I think we as black people need to not give him a free pass just because of the color of his skin. At the end of the day he is just a politican and President Obama should be scrutinzed just like the 43 presidents before him.

So what if Hoopz makes a sex tape, who really cares? Now if there was a tape of Angel Lola Luv...

Then that might be worth watching LOL.

I know I'm late but I was never really into The Wire when the show was on air but now that I seen the show from the beginining this was probably one of the best show ever.

Now this is really a random thought....Ladies if you have a good man please make sure you let him that he is apprecieated. Sometimes a male's ego needs to be stroked every now and then lol.

I know I'm getting older because I drink Wine now...(I hope and pray that I am not at the zenith of my prime)

I can go for an In-N-Out burger right now.

Is it me, or has gas prices jumped out recently....Whats really good.

Just as quick as I made my return, my blog break will be even quicker. I will be out of town from until the 24th, So I will catch up with y'all when I return from Dallas, TX.

Peace and Love!


Dope Fiend said...

love it!

"That new Chrisette Michelle is crazy hot."

WOAH LORD! she really is!!! i haveto admit ive only heard a fe wof her tracks and they were features.

and i dont think God eats...

ms narcelo said...

Hmmm now that's a thought. Does God eat food?

I hate when a person has SOOO much hype so i was a lil reluctant to listen to some Drake, but the boy can work it sooo...

I agree...skinny jeans are named that for a reason lol!

is angel's ass even real tho???

ms narcelo said...

oh and i've been on the wine movement for a while now, too. had no idea it was a byproduct of aging tho. Must.

Miss Mika said...

In-N-Out has the best hamburgers to me, hands down. Their fries are kinda ewww (taste like peanuts), but their shakes are the bomb diggity too.

Gas prices have jumped within a matter of about a month. they were at the lower end of $2 but now they are creeping up closer to $3. But summer is coming and normally that is when they rise the most.

I am a huge fan of Chrisette Michelle. She has a voice unlike anyone elses that I can appreciate.

I think in the end, it going to be a Cavs vs Lakers serise. Lord knows I do NOT want the Lakers to win.

I saw Halle Berry dance to "her" song on Ellen's show and it was too comical. Ellen is a funny lady.

xxxx said...

i love chrisette michele news album...its hot