Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weekend Wrap Up


Friday was probably the worst work day ever. I had been sick the past couple of days and I must have been high from all of the medication the doctors put me on. It made me dizzy, drowsy and very CRANKY, so Friday morning my Supervisor tells me she wants this big project done by 2:00. Mind you, I had no idea what I was doing and what the project specifics were...needless to say I didn't make the deadline. But my supervisor was okay because she understood that this was my first time looking at that type of work. Once the project was complete, I looked at my supervisor and said “that was hell” she laughed, but there wasn’t nothing funny.

Moving I had been at work since 7 in the morning. I had planned on leaving at 4, and I didn't end up leaving until 5:15. My plan was to go to the Barber Shop at 6, get a cut, go home and rest my body for Saturday. Its 5:50 and my phone rings. My sister told me she couldn't make it to get my nephew before six (aint that bitch)but it’s my sister and I would do anything for her even if she calls at the last I called my barber told him to give me 15 minutes so I can pick up Tre. I got my cut, and laid down about 7:30, I woke about 8:15 to eat thing you know it was 7:00 Saturday morning

Me and shorty woke up about 7 because we had a 2 hour drive to attend my little cousin’s Graduation. The drive wasn't that bad, but the actual graduation was horrible. You see I went to an HBCU and our graduation was a little disorderly, we scream, make big signs for our loved ones and act a damn fool. At Ball State everything was just so quiet and well put together I felt like I was out of my comfort zone. Anyway I am so proud of my cousin Yutopia .....This is here below.

Remember the name and face because she is going to be a star. As soon as the graduation was over, we headed right back to Cincinnati made a quick trip to the mall, and before we could look up it was time for the Graduation Dinner. My little cousin’s mother is so nice, because she paid for 31 people to eat. We all had a good time, but eff all that I wouldn't feed that many people even if I had the money!


So this is a very interesting day for me, because my Mother (and sister who has a child) lives in California, and my step mother stays here in Cincinnati. Now at one point in my life me and my step were cool as hell but somewhere along the way she changed. And it’s not just me, her kids feel a certain way about her as well. So every year I struggle with the fact that I have to be the one to coordinate something for my STEP mother, while her kids kind of get a free pass. The issue that I am having is that while I'm doing all of this shit for my step mother, my actual mother only gets a card and a small gift. To be honest a lot of ill feelings are due to the fact that I really miss mother and I would love to spend Mother’s Day with my mother, and I haven’t been able to the past 10 years and it hurts. The phone call and card just don’t do just for my mother. Okay so back to my step mother… So me and Summer(step-sister) decided we weren’t going to go out to dinner, we were just going to BBQ at the house and keep it simple. The day turned out to be not so bad, all of the family were there (even my step brother) who had been missing in action for 4 years! We exchanged gifts, talked for a little bit and I was out the door.

As you can see I got very little rest all weekend so Today when I get off work I am going straight to bed!

Oh yeah I have something to look forward this week! The Wale concert is Tuesday…..So until Wednesday, Peace and Love!

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