Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be Happy

Someone at work asked me the other day if I was "happy" with what I'm doing? I assumed the lady was talking bout work so I replied yeah and kept it moving. With me being the person that I am I walked away thinking the question in a much broader scope and I started thinking about"happy" from all points of views of life, and asked myself if I was REALLY happy in life.

After thinking bout it, I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I am happy. In this day and time it's not a lot to be happy about especially in this down economy when people are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meat I thank God that I'm not one of those people that are going through a hardship I have a good paying job, food on my table every night and a good woman on my side to keep me humble. We can always find something to complain about but the how many people do you know can always find something positive in the bad times.

Everyone has their on interpretation of what being happy/content is. To me personally I'm at a place in my life where I have a peace of mind. Like all of us out there in the world, there are some situations that could be better, but we can not control life, being negativity about everything is not going to make it better.

We should all be happy about life in general.


12kyle said...

every day on earth is a good one. i agree...we all should find something to be happy about

Miss Mika said...

Hey D,

When you get a minute, can you please send me your email address? I want to ask you some questions in regards to the HBCU you went to and their application process.


Emilia said...

NICE WAY Of Putting things in perspective .We all have a lot to be happy about even when things are not at their top right