Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thoughts From The Mind of Darrius

Joe Jackson needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Since Michael Jackson passed away, I done seen this man TV more than anyone. Capitalizing on your son’s death is probably not the most moral thing to do. I understand that you want to get your story out but my goodness. He talks every chance he gets and he is the only in the family bumping his gums. I haven’t heard Tito or Janet speak one time.

Michael Vick is a free man now…He paid his debt to society. Now give that man a football and let him earn his living. But the NFL is so wrong. Michael Vick can kill a dog, and the he is the worst person in the world. Big Ben can allegedly sexually assault a woman and NFL try to sweep it under the rug. What is going on in the world? Maybe a bit of racism? Well you be the judge?

True Story: I’m in the club on Saturday and I was dancing with this girl. The girl was cute and all and I noticed her staring at from a far after we were dancing. So later she walks up to me and asked me for my number….Listening my fellow bloggers, her breath stank so awful. I didn’t want to be rude, so I told the girl that I was in happy committed relationship, then I reached in my pocket and offered her some gum. I mean I would be wrong to let her continue to walk around with road kill in her mouth.

So I finally heard all of the new Maxwell record, and I mean its okay, but I keep comparing it to “Urban Hang Suite” and its kinda hard to top that effort. I’m happy he’s back in all but next time he should consider giving his fans that waited 5 years for his new album more than 9 songs.

So Chris Brown finally issued a public apology for his role in the incident with Rhianna. To me, it’s as if he is plotting his comeback, but honestly I just don’t know I can support his music. I have no respect for any man to put his hands on a woman….yeah I know he is innocent until proven guilty, but if it turns out that in fact he did do that beat on that girl, we should view Chris Brown in the same negative light that we view R. Kelly… and not support his music. Just my opinion. The apology was great, it just wasn’t enough.

Why is Gucci Mane so popular all of a sudden? He is horrible.

So I’m dying to get a new tattoo….but I’m not sure what I want to get. I’m probably gonna get one when I go to cali…

I think this world would be very boring without Haters...

Speaking of which My vacation begins July 31st. Me and Shorty are gonna take a trip to see my mother, sister, and niece. Before my girl gets a ring…she must get approval from the most important people in my life.

How do you tell a co-worker that he/she is getting on your DAMN NERVES? I need some suggestions.

If the world were to end today, the first thing I would grab is....probably my Itouch lol. I would go crazy without it.

Have you seen the Tiny and Toya show on BET? I’m sorry but that has to be the dumbest show to air on that station since Hell Date. And WTF has done Tiny done to her face? it’s like plastic surgery went terribly wrong.

On that note, I can’t wait for the Neffe and Frankie show…. MAN DOWN!!!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!

Ladies….How long would you wait for your man to ask you for your hand in marriage?

Is 69 a played out position? LOL just curious.

I hop out the bed and turn my swag on….what about you?

I want some Cheesecake from the Factory.


Anonymous said...

I love it when you blog like this. ♥♥♥♥

Joe Jackson is going to hell. Word. I’ll take him there myself.

Michael Vick killed a fucking domesticated animal. WHO THE FUCK CARES? It ain’t that deep. I promise it ain’t. If it can’t pay taxes so mine aren’t so fucking high, it doesn’t count.

You’re nicer than me just handing homechick a piece of gum. I would have had to let her know why, and advise her on better steps to insure it doesn’t go down like that again. LMAO

Maxwell doesn’t excite me. My attention span is short, and he waited too long.

Chris Brown is young and dumb… he’ll make 20 more mistakes just as ridiculous as this one. I do think his apology is sincere, I just don’t give a fuck. You hit a chick. You’re a bitch. Nothing more can be said.

Gucci Mane is going with Joe.

You’ll have to remind us what tattoos you do have… I remember a post about it a million years ago but can’t remember exactly what.

Wow @ you getting a ring for your lady. Good for you.

Dude and I went ring shopping like 3 weeks ago. Tis the season I guess? He just wanted to see the style I liked best apparently. Solitaire Princess cut, please and thank you. Word of advice… Kay Jewelers is fabulous. She can update every couple of years, and have her original purchase price put towards a new ring. And it’s a lifetime warranty, they really take pride in their product. I ♥ my sales girl (she offered dude her employee discount, $20% off)

I can’t say shit to my coworkers. I ignore them as though they don’t exisit. And I send emails signed “Please don’t talk me”

YO!!!!!! I ♥ my ipod touch. Love it more than I love dude. Best toy ever. Dude be like “put that shit down!” LMAO! Oh and my system in my car plays it. I put it on shuffle on one of my playlist and be praying I don’t get to the destination before my song is over.

Tiny and Toya make me wanna puke. I hate them more than anything else. Tiny is a beast. Literally. They are just such an embarrassment.

Neffe and Frankie are too!! Damn you! LMAO. But really, I can’t stand them either. Frankie makes my head hurt.

Well… dude and I have been together since we were 16, and I am 25, so technically I’ve waited for 9 years, lmao. The difference is, I wasn’t sure until recently that I was ready for marriage and all that it entails, so really if he wanted to wait another 4 or so years, I’d be okay with it. There shouldn’t be a timeline, its about what you’re ready for. I wanna only marry once, so he has to be the one. No doubt about it. AND—it’s a recession, so if he didn’t wanna spend money on a rock and a wedding, I can dig it and we can hold off. But when the baby ich hits, the ring and the whole shabang must come first. Word.

69? Um. LOL. If it was nobody told me. fuckers.

My swag is on before I get out of bed. I promise. lol

cheesecake factory cracks.

I blogged your blog!!!


12kyle said...

mike's body wasn't even cold yet and joe was promoting a new cd.

wonder what kinda time vick would have gotten if he had killed a human?

no matter how fine a chick is...dragon breath will kill the mood. tell the would've holla'd if the breath didn't smell like a toilet. hahahah

gotta get that maxwell joint

i'ma let chris brown ride on this. i don't support what he did. he'll never get my support. i've forgiven him but i'll never buy an album

i live in atlanta and i can't name 2 gucci mane songs. shit...i couldn't pick him out of a line up

you gonna cop the ice? word? that's whussup! congrats, bruh

i barely even talk to my co-workers

can't live without my blackberry

i won't give tiny and toya one minute of my time.

neffe and frankie? nope...won't watch that either

69 is fine!!!!!!!

swag is never turned off

cheesecake factory is a good call. i like that spot

-Q. said...

Why joe got them eybrows like he suprised all the time? He need to get that right first before pimpin them kids...
Vick- let em play
Its always the cutest ones with the skank breath.
Max turned me off at the BET awards..
Get that approval- good move!
69 will never get played out..
Yep- swag's on But you hate Gucci.. AYYE! lol
Go to target for Cheescake Factory- much cheeper. -Q