Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Thoughts...

First off if that dude really killed Michael Jackson he should be ashamed of himself. Like now more than ever I can’t stop listening to his music. So sad…so what is yo favorite Michael Jackson song? I think mine would be “Liberian Girl”.

Ladies…let’s take a poll. Let’s say you and your man are living together and everything is cool…how long would it before you start worrying him about getting married?

So i snagged this next statement off of someone's facebook status. "To love a man is to know a man wants and his needs without him ever saying a word". Ladies I think you should live by this quote if you have a man. As a matter of fact, my next post will be on this particular topic.

Its Labor Day weekend and I have nothing to do…no drinking, no BBQ just me and Madden. Who want some? (PAUSE)

Does anyone watch True Blood? Man that show is off the chain. HBO always have the best shows.

If you catch yourself watching this Minstrel Show….

then you should be ashamed of yourself, and if you think these two clowns are cute then something is seriously wrong with you (pause).

When is love just not enough to keep you there….I ponder that question all the time, and every time I feel like walking away, I think about how there is no one else out there better than me.

Piles...for real tho? Becky....and this dude sells records.

I had a heart attack when I heard they were releasing the Space Jams….do you remember these?

Do you remember those “Man Laws” commercials?….Wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote a Black Man Laws Book. I would include stuff like this…..

Law # “69” never have intercourse with a woman while she is intoxicated….Thats how you catch the Kobe charge! Lol

Law # 105- For every two times you go out with your boys, make sure the third time you invite yo girl, to avoid the black woman’s swirling neck.

Is it just me, but what is all the hype about Kanye West and his girl Amber, don’t get me wrong shorty is cute and all but she is baddest thing walking the planet. I still think Rita G is the baddest.

Call me a hater…but have you seen the trailer for the new Tyler Perry movie? Doesn’t it look exactly all of his other movies? My girl loves his work tho….I might have to give her $20 bucks and tell her to take one of her girl friend. I can’t sit through another Tyler Perry flick.

I’m sorry but I refuse to be a Twitter…I have a hard enough time keeping up with my damn blog.

This is just a random thought as I type this post…but I really feel like making some Gumbo…Seafood sounds really good right now!

Sometimes when I’m at work…I feel a bit out of place because of who I am. I don’t think people are very receptive to my personality or demeanor. Maybe I should change, or maybe they should be more opened minded to people like me.

I don’t agree with what Mike Vick did to those animals (and I hate dogs)

but let the man live….damn. I can’t wait to see what he does in Philly.

Speaking of football….LETS GO RAIDERS!!!!!!! 8-8 BABY! The playoffs is just wishful thinking.

All this hype around Drake is starting to get on my damn nerves. The kid is nice and all but wait till the album drops before we label him the best.

The Blueprint 3 is the truth.

Why are these people making songs about celebrites. Okay...so we had the Halle Berry, then it was Ricky Bobby, I saw a song on youtube called the Tina Turner. And now there is something new called the Chris Tucker. Are muthafu*kers just tired of being creative?

OH MY GOODNESS Tiny and Toya are a fucking messing…and Desperate Housewifes of Atlanta look very foolish. I mean I’m always advocating for more black reality TV but do we have to look like fools doing it. Now Frankie and Neffe…It don’t get no realer….MAN DOWN!

Why Neffe look like a broke down stripper all the damn time?

I think for my birthday (October 20th) I’m going to spend that whole week drinking, and partying! 25 is somewhat of a big deal. I’m gonna go to the strip club lol…sorry baby!

What do you really do to celebrate 25 years? I’m open for suggestions

Vegas sounds nice right now.


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LOL @ Frankie & Neffe. I watched the show once and I can't. Frankie is still on that ish and Neffe is too overdramatic.

In response to the 2nd random thought: I want to buy my first place on my own. So if a man happens to come my way, he won't be staying in there! He can spend the night every once in a while. Lol. If you love me like you say you do, let's get married and buy a house together. Shackin' is not for me.

I agree about them over saturating the public with Drake. I doubt he'll have longevity.

YES to The Blueprint 3! I was trying to not fall in but I did and it grew on me with just one play. I'm hooked!

The Jaded NYer said...

heyyyyy! long time no see!

I got roped into seeing that TP flick b/c Adam Rodriguez is in it, but I detest his films. DEE-TEST!

And I've never been a HUGE Jay-Z fan but even I'm feeling almost half of the songs on there. His stuff is better than a lot of these new cats, for real.

Reality shows and me don't really mix, especially these crazy ones you mentioned LOL

I was pregnant for my 25th bday... but I don't recommend you try that hahahahaha

ciao, babes!

Miss Mika said...

They did a song about Ricky Bobby? Really?!?! Wow.

That is why I refuse to listen to the radio.

I am with you @ refusing to be a Twitterer. I just don't see the point of it. But hey, to each his or her own.

I have personally been in a situation where love wasn't enough. The love was there, but other things over-shadowed that love and essentially it turned into resentment. While love isn't everything, it is certainly important.

I wouldn't pester my man about getting married if we are living together and we have discussed the possibility of marriage. But trust, the conversation would be had because I do not want to be in a "playing house" situation for 10 plus years.

Are they wearing makeup in that picture?? @ the "Minstrel Show" bros.

LOL @ wishful thinking for the Raiders. They need all the wishful thinking they can get!

Anonymous said...

You've been speaking a lot of marriage chatter... ya girl must be on it?

Your anniversary's coming up too right? October 13th... same day as mine. Dude and I are 9 years strong.

Word of advice... don't do your 25th birthday up big and not your anniversary... she may hurt you for it. lol

"Ladies…let’s take a poll. Let’s say you and your man are living together and everything is cool…how long would it before you start worrying him about getting married?"

I don't think you can give it a time frame. Its when you feel ready. She may be ready before you are. Ladies usually are ready first. But what can't happen is pressure. Pressure for marriage can ruin a relationship. Real talk.

Email me if ya wanna chat about it....


Eb the Celeb said...

SO much coonery in this post...

I made myself watch a couple episodes of Real and CHance b/c a friend of mine was on...

but its football season so I watch very little boo boo tv.