Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stereotypes...What They Really Think of Us

So I took a quick blogging break due to the fact that I was in Dallas for training for my job. But while I was on training for my job this very interesting scenario took place. Now throughout this whole entire class, I come to learn that Bob is a pretty obnoxious guy although cool at times. So while on break me and this other man named Bob (50 year old white man) step out on break. And directly across the hall is a very attractive white woman (keep in my mind that I don’t find white woman attractive at all, nor have I ever dated one). So I take a mental note of the lady’s beauty and proceeded to keep it moving. Bob who is right behind me says, “Look at that fine ass woman by the elevator”.

My reply: “yeah she does look good.”

Bob looks at me laughing and says, “damn why don’t you black guys stick to your own?”…

I stopped and looked at Bob and thought about what I was going to say without being ignorant. I told Bob, “ I only date black woman, and it’s not a good idea” for you to stereotype black men, based off an experience you had in the past.

I smiled and proceeded to my room because I didn’t think anything of it, but after a while I started to feel a bit disrespected. Even if he was joking, that is not a joke you make to a black male. Yes there are some black men that love white women, however, I am not one of them. I never and probably never will be. For those of you that read my blog know and understand that I whole heartedly love a black woman and in no way will I ever stray away. I do understand that Love has no color, but I’m only attracted to a sistas. But to generalize all black man as a whole is somewhat disrespect. Of course Bob could have been joking, but in his joking remarks he also revealed to me what a lot white people are thinking, but afraid to say.

All of this happened on a Thursday and then Friday, he made another dumb ass comment. All week I had been wearing jeans and a polo for this training. Nothing to special but I wanted to present myself in a respectable manner. So Friday the day of the test, (which was only two hours) I decided to put on jeans and a T-Shirt and my matching hat.

I walk into the room, I took my seat and here goes Bob again…., “Darrius that’s not the way you do it. You need pull your pants down pass your ass and turn you cap to the side. Isn’t that how they do it?”

With anger build inside of me, I looked at Bob, and said, “No that is not how I do it, and not every young black male dresses like that, maybe you should refrain from making those dumb ass comments."

People like Bob just goes to show what they really think of us… No matter what you do to stray away from stereotypes, we still are just niggers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts from the Mind of Darrius

Call me crazy but sometimes I wonder what God does in heaven besides performing miracles. Does God wake up and have pancakes and eggs? Seeing how it's playoff time in the NBA is God tuning in to see what Lebron is doing and marveling at his own work? Does God play Madden? For real I want play God in a game of Uno and see what happens. LOL

Also, does God eat meat?

Speaking of sports and the Playoffs, Lebron is on a mission and I hope him and Kobe face off in the Finals, but the Lakers play too soft for me, so I will roll with the Cavs this year. Hopefully they won't make me look bad.

Has anyone seen he Halle Berry Dance? I'm gonna make a song with a dance and see how far it would get me.

To be honest when I first heard Drake I was not impressed. But after a while he is stAring to grow on me. I would feel comfortable with him being the new face in Hip-Hop.

I can't speak for the rest of you, but I am excited about the new Eminem, I think its gonna be fire.

A fat person in skinny jeans is not a good look

That new Chrisette Michelle is crazy hot.

I think I like her first album has been her best so far but Epiphany is just as hot.

I love President Obama just as much as the next man. But I think we as black people need to not give him a free pass just because of the color of his skin. At the end of the day he is just a politican and President Obama should be scrutinzed just like the 43 presidents before him.

So what if Hoopz makes a sex tape, who really cares? Now if there was a tape of Angel Lola Luv...

Then that might be worth watching LOL.

I know I'm late but I was never really into The Wire when the show was on air but now that I seen the show from the beginining this was probably one of the best show ever.

Now this is really a random thought....Ladies if you have a good man please make sure you let him that he is apprecieated. Sometimes a male's ego needs to be stroked every now and then lol.

I know I'm getting older because I drink Wine now...(I hope and pray that I am not at the zenith of my prime)

I can go for an In-N-Out burger right now.

Is it me, or has gas prices jumped out recently....Whats really good.

Just as quick as I made my return, my blog break will be even quicker. I will be out of town from until the 24th, So I will catch up with y'all when I return from Dallas, TX.

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wale Show!

Sorry there are no pics....my batteries decided to die when I got there anywho...

To say Hip-Hop is boring is an understatement. Hip-Hop sucks at the moment, and there is nothing to really be excited about (except for the new Eminem album). But about 2 years ago, my ears were introduced to some rapper from DC name Wale. Not overly impressed with “Dig Dug” I didn’t think too much of him until he dropped “100 Miles and Running” and ever since then I have been a big fan. Then about a year later or so later Wale dropped “The Mixtape About Nothing” and he quickly became one of my favorite rappers. So much so that I even had to put the big Homie Robin Monique up on game about this cat. So when my man Matt told me he was going to get Wale in Cincinnati, I was hype!

And sure enough he did. For what seemed like an eternity we stood there listening to what seemed like 20 opening acts, and really one 3 of them were dope. Around 1am Wale came and rescued the impatient crowd. Walking through the crowd as the magnificent UCB found the groove to “Breakdown”, Wale grabbed the mic of the stand and went in. Someone in the crowd even requested “Dig Dug” and UCB killed that joint. But there was no better moment then when Wale dropped “Sexy Lady” and the crowd went crazy. For Cincinnati to have such a poor taste in music I was very surprised at the turn for his show. But to be honest the crowd really couldn’t follow along to any of his songs because they are not too familiar with his work.

After a few more cuts, I take a look at my watch and the time said 2:15 am, and I had to be up for work at 5:30….Tap shorty on the shoulder and we rolled out, then in the car I realized that I probably missed him perform “Nike Boots”.

Wale is the type of artist that will make you love Hip-Hop, his band was dope, he got the crowd hype, and he makes good music. Hip-Hop does have a few gems in the midst of all this garbage and I really hope the world pays attention to this Kid because he is really something special. So for you all who are not hip to Wale, you really should check this man out, I promise you….you will be very happy you did. Take it from someone who careless about Hip-Hop music right now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weekend Wrap Up


Friday was probably the worst work day ever. I had been sick the past couple of days and I must have been high from all of the medication the doctors put me on. It made me dizzy, drowsy and very CRANKY, so Friday morning my Supervisor tells me she wants this big project done by 2:00. Mind you, I had no idea what I was doing and what the project specifics were...needless to say I didn't make the deadline. But my supervisor was okay because she understood that this was my first time looking at that type of work. Once the project was complete, I looked at my supervisor and said “that was hell” she laughed, but there wasn’t nothing funny.

Moving on....so I had been at work since 7 in the morning. I had planned on leaving at 4, and I didn't end up leaving until 5:15. My plan was to go to the Barber Shop at 6, get a cut, go home and rest my body for Saturday. Its 5:50 and my phone rings. My sister told me she couldn't make it to get my nephew before six (aint that bitch)but it’s my sister and I would do anything for her even if she calls at the last minute....so I called my barber told him to give me 15 minutes so I can pick up Tre. I got my cut, and laid down about 7:30, I woke about 8:15 to eat something...next thing you know it was 7:00 Saturday morning

Me and shorty woke up about 7 because we had a 2 hour drive to attend my little cousin’s Graduation. The drive wasn't that bad, but the actual graduation was horrible. You see I went to an HBCU and our graduation was a little disorderly, we scream, make big signs for our loved ones and act a damn fool. At Ball State everything was just so quiet and well put together I felt like I was out of my comfort zone. Anyway I am so proud of my cousin Yutopia .....This is here below.

Remember the name and face because she is going to be a star. As soon as the graduation was over, we headed right back to Cincinnati made a quick trip to the mall, and before we could look up it was time for the Graduation Dinner. My little cousin’s mother is so nice, because she paid for 31 people to eat. We all had a good time, but eff all that I wouldn't feed that many people even if I had the money!


So this is a very interesting day for me, because my Mother (and sister who has a child) lives in California, and my step mother stays here in Cincinnati. Now at one point in my life me and my step were cool as hell but somewhere along the way she changed. And it’s not just me, her kids feel a certain way about her as well. So every year I struggle with the fact that I have to be the one to coordinate something for my STEP mother, while her kids kind of get a free pass. The issue that I am having is that while I'm doing all of this shit for my step mother, my actual mother only gets a card and a small gift. To be honest a lot of ill feelings are due to the fact that I really miss mother and I would love to spend Mother’s Day with my mother, and I haven’t been able to the past 10 years and it hurts. The phone call and card just don’t do just for my mother. Okay so back to my step mother… So me and Summer(step-sister) decided we weren’t going to go out to dinner, we were just going to BBQ at the house and keep it simple. The day turned out to be not so bad, all of the family were there (even my step brother) who had been missing in action for 4 years! We exchanged gifts, talked for a little bit and I was out the door.

As you can see I got very little rest all weekend so Today when I get off work I am going straight to bed!

Oh yeah I have something to look forward this week! The Wale concert is Tuesday…..So until Wednesday, Peace and Love!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Very Special Mother

Besides God, there is nothing more important to me in this world than my mother! When I was young I guess I always took for granted but now that I am older, I am realizing that her tough love was just giving me the strength for when I officially became an adult. As the only boy and “mama’s boy” the love that I have for my mother is beyond words and the relationship that we have means so much to me. My mother was everything including a dad when she needed to be! My mother taught me how to ride a bike, how to be respectful to women, and even how to put a condom on. My mother taught me how to be a man something that my father failed to do (I have a great relationship with my Dad now by the way).

Section 8 housing, welfare, single parent home, my mother worked 2 jobs, and went to school to earn her degree, and still made time to come home prepare dinner and check on me and my sister’s homework. Now at the young age of 54 my mother can look at her children now and smile. Her son has a college degree and her daughter got her Associate’s and now owns a very successful business in California. Even though we were just getting by, there was always food on the table and clothes on our backs but most importantly she provided us with unconditional love. My mother was and still is a strong individual and even though she gets on my nerves from time to time, I would truly be lost without her. I maybe thousands of miles away from her, but I always feel like she is right there!

So for all of you single parents out there raising you child(ren) on your own, be strong and just know that at least one person appreciates all of your hard work. So to all of the mothers I would like to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life Update

Since I have been gone from blogger for so long, I think its only right that I give you all some indepth detail as to what I have been up to since I decided to walk away. So lets see where do I start?

Me and my girl…well we are doing just fine. Like any relationship we have our moments when we can’t stand each other, but our love for each other won’t let something small get between us. However, there was this one incident when she was gonna break up with me because she told me I don’t know how to handle my emotions (I keep stuff bottled up and then I just kinda go off) and that I need to find a way to express myself when something happens. I’m still working on that part, that’s just how I do me, I really don’t know any other way.

I originally took a break from blogging, for 2 reasons. The first one was to read my Bible more. Truth be told, I started out well but then that slowly faded away. For a good 2 weeks I would take my Bible to work and go to my car and read it on my lunch break….then somehow the Bible made it out of my car and it just went downhill from there. I also wanted to get more involved in the community and I did a few things here and there, but not as much as I wanted to. To sum it all up, I basically failed at my two attempts to better myself. But that still does not mean I can’t attempt to get back on track.

Hey everybody...look how big my niece is getting

Anyway my girl celebrated her 26 birthday and here are some pics to show you how it went down…….

This is how I had the table set up……

She thought we were going to some fancy restaurant but I surprised her by cooking this very lavish meal…Salmon, Crab and Shrimp

For dessert we had White Chocolate Strawberries….

And then we made sexy time lol….

And I just thought this was good picture of us

Can you believe it’s already summer….Me and my shorty plan on going to Cali the first week in August. We already got our tickets and everything. And guess how much we paid total for the tickets?.....$254 apiece. That is a steal. My mother doesn’t know I’m coming yet tho. I can’t wait to see the look on my mother’s face when she sees me. She is probably going to be mad I didn’t tell her I was coming.

The Job
I am 24 years old, fresh out of college with my first “real job”, and things seem to be moving at a very rapid pace. I am one of those people that learn something new in a heartbeat, and with me being an auditor there was so much that I was introduced to do. Month after month my supervisor seems to be gaining confidence in my abilities and I believe it’s starting to rub one of my fellow co-workers the wrong way. More on that later. The problem that I am fighting with is worry about other people’s opinion on the way I conduct myself. Some people are a bit shocked that when I talk, I can actually sound intelligently and even more amazed that earned my college degree. As a young black man, I feel as though I must work 10 times harder just to prove that I am perfectly capable to be in the position that I am currently in. I come to work early and stay late, and I let it be known that I command respect. In the eyes of some my approach seems to be working just fine, but to others I am just being arrogant. I also think the way I dress at work could make people feel a certain way, while most people are wearing jeans and T-Shirt, I’m always dressing like I want to be the President of the joint lol.

Now that I have given you a brief summary of my life since I have been away….I will return to blog normal by the start of next week. Stay tuned for Friday’s Post.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Best Day of My Life

Saturday May 3rd 2008 was probably the best day of my entire life. That was day I finished my challenge to myself and also the day I made history in my family, it was the day I EARNED my college degree. Now to some of you, obtaining an college degree is something that is suppose to happen, but for me, no one (not even my mother) would have thought they would see the day. I was a horrible student in middle school, and truth be told I barely got out of high school. School was really something that I had to do instead of something i wanted to do.

But for some reason, I deceided that I wanted to make something of myself and that I wanted to receive higher education, and once I made that up in my mind, it was all uphill from there. I excelled in college for some reason. My fisrt semester I ended up with a 3.7 GPA (that damn Ms. Windard would not give me an A) I was on the Dean's list and every semester since then I stayed on that list. For me, it was then just the "college expereince" it was more of setting the foundation for the men in my family and for my future kids. Becauses I beat all odds to make it to May 3rd 2008. And there was no better moment then the day I saw my mother and broke down. That was truly the best day in my life. A lot has changed since that beautiful day. I finally got a job, me and girl have moved in, and all in all life has been good to me.

As I refelct on this one year annniversay of my graudation, it brings me to Wilberforce University 2009 graduation. I have a few friends who I thought wasn't going to make it lol...but with my push and them seeing the bigger picture they were able to fight through and graduate as well. Looking at them walk across that stage made think of all of those drunk nights, the many argurments outside, the those moments clowining in class when we shoulda been taking notes lol. As a friend there is nothing better than to see your friends achieve greatness. Truth be told i was really afraid one of them wasn't going to make it. But I know them earning their college is just the start for all of them. I am proud of my boys, and thats why I surround myself around good people. I'm sure May 2nd 2009, was the best day in thier lives as well.