Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation In Picture

It seems like forever since, I’ve last blogged, but I’m finally back from California and I had a blast. My trip consisted of a lot of eating and spending money. So here is my wrap up…

So we land in Cali on Friday about 12 noon, after getting our bags, and picking up the rental car, and checking into the hotel, we probably sat down for all of 20 mins, then we went to get my niece from school, and then go out to dinner with my mother. Shorty and I were so exhausted we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

Saturday and Sunday We just chilled…but I needed to make sure that I got an In-N-Out burger before I went crazy. I smashed…

When we were walking into In-N-Out my girl noticed a homeless person digging in the garbage, five minutes later she discovered that the bum pulled a cup out of the garbage and brought into the restaurant so he could get something to drink. My girl felt bad because she wanted to buy him something to eat, and I had to tell her that you would be buying for every 2 minutes because that shit is everywhere. You just have to become numb to it.

Saturday night we went to the club….and waited in line for damn near 45 minutes. Mind you our bodies were still on the EST time zone, our bodies were thinking its 2 am, but the damn clock was saying 11 pm. After a few drinks, I was pretty tipsy….Now on this picture below, I have a shot of Patron in my cup…you do the caption for all three pictures lol.

Monday started all the fun. This was my girl’s first time in California, so I had to make sure she got the full experience. On Monday I took shorty around the hood in Oakland. I introduced her to my neck of the woods and where I grew up and all that.

I took her lake Merrit because she so badly wanted to try some chicken and waffles…Then I took her to the beach in Alameda, and then proceeded to kick her ass in bowling.

We ended the night taking A’ni to Chucky Cheese, and 1 hour with her would make anyone tired.

Tuesday we went dwon to San Francisco and chilled at the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was a very relaxing time. We went to the aquarium and found Nemo and Dori.

Then we went to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum and I found out my girl was a freak…

The last thing we hit up was the Wax Museum…here a few pics.

Now people…They had this set of Jesus, but if you look to the right of the set up they had this poor looking black man, chilling….why couldn’t he be in the midst of all the other folks near Jesus. I had a problem with this.

This is me and Freddy…..

I love White girls lol…

And my man President Barack Obama..and we went on his Birthday too. That was exciting.

This was some random freak on the street...

Wednesday we went to Six Flags, and they only had six rides…..but the big ass whale was pretty cool.

Thursday: we went to the A’s game, they lost of course,

Friday was cool…we went down to Napa Valley and did some wine tasting…I’m not a wine drinker I prefer a little cognac, but I got pretty lit on Friday and the best part is, all of it was free. We probably had about 10 different types of wine and all of us were feeling pretty good. We ended up buying two bottles because they were so good, but after all of that I’ve suddenly become a wine drinker. We were there for like forever , and all of us were drinking on an empty stomach…not a good idea.

Saturday we pretty muched relaxed, we went shopping, then to the movies, and saw GI Joe which was great, and then we hit up one of the best places in the world to get crab. Thang Long’s. Man just take a look.

All in all it was a pretty good trip and I had an excellent time. I can’t wait to go back.